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9th Computer Science Notes in PDF

9th Computer Science Notes in PDF and 9th Computer Science MCQ's and 9th Lahore Board Computer Notes PDF and 9th Computer Short Questions and 9th Computer Important Questions and Computer Science tips and prepare to Final Exams.

Computer 9th Notes PDF
Computer 9th Notes PDF


Problem Solving

Short Introduction

Problem solving is the process of solving complex problems. This unit introduces the methodologies to understand a problem and solve it in an effective manner.

Student’s Learning Outcomes

  • Problem Solving Steps
  1. Define a problem
  2. Understanding a problem
  3. Planning a solution
  4. Defining candid solutions
  5. Selecting the best solution

  • Flowcharts

  1. Defining a flowchart
  2. Explaining the importance of a flowchart for problem solving
  3. Determining the requirements for a flowchart
  4. Using flowchart symbols
  5. Drawing flowcharts for sample problems

  • Algorithm

  1. Defining an algorithm
  2. Describing role of algorithm in problem solving
  3. Formulating an algorithm
  4. Writing algorithms for sample problems
  5. Understanding efficiency of algorithms
  6. Differentiating between algorithms and flowcharts

  • Test data

  1. Understanding the concept of test data
  2. Describing importance of testing
  3. Understanding types of test cases
  4. Verification and validation
  5. Understanding the concept of Verification
  6. Understanding the concept of validation
  7. Identification and correction of errors
  8. Using trace table for testing
  9. Using invalid test data for testing

Binary System

Short introduction

A computer understands the language of 1s and 0s only, called machine language. The number systems that only contains 1s and 0s is called binary number systems. The usage of a computer includes internet surfing, playing games, watching movies, making documents etc. How are such activities converted to 1s and 0s? This is discussed in this unit with respect to binary conversation and storage of binary values in computer memory.


Short Introduction

In this unit, the fundamentals of computer networks and data communication are discussed. We can understand the basic components of a computer networks along with geographical arrangements of devices in a networks. Communication model over the Internet is also discussed.

Data and Privacy

Short Introduction

Data transfer is discussed in previous unit but this discusses “secure data transfer”. Data is converted to unreadable format before sending and again it is converted back to readable format when it reaches its destination. This unit discusses such type of conversions to secure the transferring of data. A computer is accessible to others if it is connected to a network. In this unit, security measures are discussed for sending sensitive data over a network.

Designing Website

Short Introduction

Internet surfing is part of almost everyone’s life and we use if for online shopping, social networking, checking results, sending/receiving emails etc. In this unit, the techniques to develop a simple website are discussed.

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